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IAmA. Geek. Programmer. Tolkienian. Redditor. Open-source lover. Suffering from OCD and atheism.

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The Mozilla Fallout

Few days ago, the Mozilla board named Brandan Eich, the creator of ECMAScript (popularily known as JavaScript), as the top boss of the corporation. It caused quite a furor on the interwebz, as Eich...

Why I love Python so much

I learnt Python in the first year of my college and since then it has become my go-to language for everything. Whenever I have to try out any algorithms or anything else, Python is always my first ...

Morpheus 0:56

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

Text rendering in Sublime Text

I love Sublime Text. Unless I really need to use IDE-exclusive features, ST is my go-to choice to jotting down letters and symbols. Although text rendering on Windows looked fine for me, I discover...

Operator precedence in C++

Ambiguity in Operator precedence

Build systems for Sublime Text 2

I have been using Sublime Text 2 as my primary text editor. It’s not as much bloated as Visual Studio or Eclipse and it’s not as much hard to learn as Vim/Emacs (Sorry folks! I don’t have that much...

I don’t like Ubuntu anymore

No. Mr Shuttleworth! I like you for what you have done for the Linux community so far, but I can’t take it anymore.Warning: It’s more of me recollecting my Linux memories rather than an Ubuntu rant...

Google knows what’s up

Source: /r/funny

How to bypass YouTube safety mode?

Apart from a few lucky ones (including me), people are not being able to turn off Safety mode on YouTube. So here…how to do it. (Yeah! It’s really that simple)3/4 Steps: Open https://www.youtube.c...

Fixing the Facebook and Twitter layout problems in Cocoon

All of my comrades who use Cocoon to evade campus firewalls are pretty content with the service except one thing: the ads. They usually block all the ads to get a web experience similar to the free...